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Buon Apetito, Italian Classics (SOLD OUT!)

Wednesday, February 9

Join Chef Kelsey as we explore the ingredients, history and folklore behind traditional Italian recipes.


Date Night, Partnered Cooking Class

Wednesday, February 12

Come and fire up your passion for delicious food and great conversation with the one you adore.


Essentials of Vegetarian cooking

Wednesday, February 23

Whether you are new to vegetarianism or looking for some new ideas, this class is for you!


Butcher's Block - Meat Cutting & Cooking

Wednesday, March 2

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the idea of cutting meat or unsure of how to prepare and cook certain cuts, this is the class for you!


Fun with a Friend Kitchen Party

Wednesday, March 9

Bring your favourite cooking partner along to this fun-filled class where we will explore recipes that are best prepared with two sets of hands!


Bon Appetit, French Classics

Wednesday, March 16

This class is all about honoring and enjoying timeless French classics.  Be ready to enjoy a meal full of richness and sophistication.


Herbs & Spices Demystified

Wednesday, March 23

Dishes can be completely transformed with the right use of herbs and spices.  Let’s revamp your spice cupboard and learn to create dishes full of flavour and depth.


Steakhouse Classics

Wednesday, March 30

Who doesn’t love a beautifully prepared steak dinner?  Come and learn how to prepare the classics we love from scratch. 


The Perfect Party: Canapés & Platters

Wednesday, April 6

If you like to entertain and feed your guests yummy food, then this class is for you. 


Bistro Series: German

Wednesday, April 20

When we think of bistro style cuisine it’s simple, homey and unpretentious food served in small intimate settings.  Explore German bistro style meals that will leave you feeling warm and satisified.


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