We believe in connecting people through food.


Unlimited Creative Events

Who doesn’t love a great party?
Gather up your group for a Kitchen Party, reminiscent of the famous east coast kitchen parties, where we roll away the tables, plug in the music and turn up the stoves to create a fun party atmosphere you can’t experience anywhere else.

Take your cooking to a new level

Grab a seat at our expansive stainless steel counter and watch our chefs at work. Learn their tips & tricks for cooking and the stories behind the menus and the food.

The Ultimate Chef's Table

Imported Italian porcelain topped tables run down the centre of the space creating an elegant platform for guests to enjoy a customized dining experience.

Fall Harvest Dinner party with Chef Rod Butters

Saturday, October 3

Reservations are set in groups of four or six. Click book now for more event details. 

Fall Harvest Dinner Party with Chef Rod Butters

Sunday, October 4

Reservations are set in groups of four or six.  Click book now for more event details.

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