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Thursday, March 14

Culinary Adventures with Chef Rod Butters - Liquid Thursday with Gerry Jobe | Bourbon Legends

Thursday, March 14

FROM 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Culinary Adventures with Chef Rod Butters – Liquid Thursday with Gerry Jobe

With your tour guides:  Chef Rod Butters, Chef James Hanna, Audrey Surrao

The original bartender of RauDZ, Gerry Jobe played an integral role in developing the bar program and field-to-glass initiative. Gerry is recreating his legendary Liquid Sunday cocktail classes with this guest appearance at The Okanagan Table. Come explore the tastes, flavours, and checkered history of bourbon with Gerry Jobe. We will be exploring some of the greatest legends in bourbon over the course of the evening as Gerry steps you through 4 delicious cocktails that wil anchor the myths and lore from the past to the present day.


APPROACH WITH CAUTION – what is bourbon? How is it made and how do I properly taste it? The truth revealed about your favourite bourbon brands. Cocktail: Bourbon tasting with Woodford Reserve

MADE IN MANHATTAN – covering Manhattan’s rich history of chocolatiers and bean roasters and the rise of the Manhattan at the same time. Cocktail: Chocolate Espresso Manhattan

THE SEELBACH STEAL – how did a modern bartender trick the entire world into believing he had discovered a long forgotten classic? Sip along as we dive into the infamous scam that tricked the world. Cocktail: A Twist on the Seelbach

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK – is it a bourbon? Is it a whisky? A brief but in depth look at the world’s #1 selling whisky and the history of the man behind the label. Cocktail: Old #7 Banana Old Fashioned

BUCKNER’S JULEP CEREMONY – an interactive “DIY” build of the classic julep, with a humorous historical twist. Cocktail: The Buckner Julep


Cocktails and tapas-style shareables

Note: This is a cooking demonstration with guest interaction and demonstration of product and technique. All recipes will be provided so you can recreate everything at home! Please note that no dietary modifications or substitutions are available. 


$160 per person. Gratuity and taxes are added at checkout.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the class for a full refund

Cost: $160 per person


Note:  $160 per person.  Gratuity & Tax is calculated automatically during the confirmation booking process.