We enjoy sharing our passion and enthusiasm for the food and beverage industry and can’t wait to have guests sitting at the expansive stainless steel counter watching our chefs at work & play in the kitchen.
Our kitchen demonstrations will focus on popular regional cuisines as well as basic skills for ingredient-focused cooking. After the preparation and plating of each dish is finished, students gather at the communal long table to enjoy these chef created dishes with stories behind the menu and the food.

Class is now in session.

Tough Love

Learn the tried and true techniques behind turning those tough as nails meat cuts into melt-in-your-mouth meals.


Primal Instinct - Beyond the Loin

Find your way around a carcass without using Google maps!  Identify & cook those amazing cuts most people overlook.


One Fish, Two Fish - Seafood

Get hooked!  Come take the plunge into the world of delectable and sustainable seafood


The Italian Job

Who doesn’t have an eating tour of Italy high up on their bucket list? We’re sharing our tales & tastes of this mecca of amazing meals.


Meat Me. Later. Vegetarian

Green with envy? Your carnivore friends will be once you show them what you have learned.


Pass the Tray, collect the Compliments - Appetizers

Learn how to prepare amazing appetizers for your guests without breaking a sweat.


Aren't You Saucey?

A sauce can make or break a meal.  Learn tips & tricks to up your sauce game.


Pastry - The Inside Edition

Sweet or savoury, you can’t beat a great pastry.  We’ll journey through the classics of pastry.


Dr. Prosciutto & The Miracle Cure

Meat | Salt | Time | The art of curing.  Prosciutto, Coppa, Pancetta, Lardo. 


Pizza 101

Join us for this session and you’ll be able to skip, skip the dishes!  You’ll be turning out instagram worthy pies  in no time.


Chocolate. It's cheaper than therapy.

Join Master Chocolatier Danny Capadouca and surrender yourself to an unforgettable afternoon of chocolate decadence.


Say Cheese!

From milk to magic.  Join the discerning cheesemongers from Perseval & Young for a Master Class on all manner of fromage.



Pasta, TOT Style!

Let Chef de Cuisine James Hanna share his perfect pasta techniques with you as we taste our way through this dining table staple.


More Classes Coming Soon

Our Culinary Education Director is developing more classes for all skill levels.


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