We’ve built a brand that attracts talent.

Chef Butters addresses the guests

On the Road

From intimate home dinners to celebration dinners designed to create lifetime memories, or corporate business dinners and receptions, we are happy to offer our esteemed services to the public “on the road".

Chefs pouring soup

Our own top chefs

Over the years, RauDZ Creative Concepts has built a brand that attracts talent and aligns with the best in the industry while creating a quality experience for the guests. The Okanagan Table - kitchen | events | catering allows the RauDZ team the opportunity to fulfill the frequent requests from guests for cooking demonstrations, catering, and other creative culinary experiences.

Fresh oysters and roe on a bed of rocks

We use the best ingredients

The Okanagan Table – kitchen | events | catering now have their own space to prepare food for off-site catering for exclusive private events with farm-to-table menus customized for your event utilizing the very best fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

RauDZ Creative Concept Ltd. own/operate a selection of the Okanagan Valley’s premiere dining venues andare recognized as industry leaders.

Their family of restaurants include the award winning farm-to-table restaurant RauDZ Regional Table, International influenced micro bar & bites and Sunny’s Modern Diner which are all located in downtown Kelowna mere blocks away from The Okanagan Table.

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