Limited Seats
Saturday, September 23

An Evening with Painted Rock Estate Winery

Saturday, September 23

6:00 pm

A wine paired dinner with Painted Rock Estate Winery

A Celebration of the Okanagan

Wines that capture the essence of the Okanagan Valley from Painted Rock Estate Winery and ingredients from local farmers and food artisans intertwine perfectly into a multi-course menu by award winning Chef Rod Butters.

 Expertly guided by Audrey Surrao, co-owner of The Okanagan Table and certified WSET – Level 3 connoisseur each course will be meticulously paired with the award-winning wines of Painted Rock Estate Winery.

 A Personal Connection

Immerse yourself in the insights and stories behind each wine as Painted Rock Proprietor John Skinner joins us for this exclusive event.  Gain an intimate understanding of the craft, passion and dedication that goes into creating these exceptionally delicious wines.  John’s firsthand knowledge adds a personal touch to this intimate dining experience.

 About Painted Rock Estate Winery

Devoted to crafting ultra-premium wines that encapsulate the essence of the Okanagan Valley, our vineyard stands as a testament to the remarkable potential of this region. Our commitment to quality extends to both single varietals and our signature Bordeaux blend, each bottle a reflection of meticulous care and unwavering dedication. The distinction bestowed upon us as the Intervin International Winery of the Year twice, both in 2014 and 2019, reaffirms our pursuit of excellence and consistency. With every pour, we invite you to experience the harmony between earth, vine, and artistry, encapsulated within the graceful complexities of our wines. Discover the true spirit of the Okanagan Valley in each glass from Painted Rock Estate Winery.

 Limited Seating – Secure your spot today.

Elevate your palate, expand your wine horizons and connect with fellow enthusiasts at The Okanagan Table, Saturday, September 23.  Reserve your seat now for an experience.

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$200 plus gratuity + taxes

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Please note that no dietary modifications or substitutions are available.

Cost: $200 per person


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